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  • Posted on 20 January 2014

Travel Marketers: 3 quick steps to generate qualified traffic from Twitter Ads

by Guewen Loussouarn

Since the 14th of November 2013, UK advertisers can use the Twitter Ads platform as a self served tool, with no minimum budget (it used to be £5k minimum before with no access to the tool). The only thing you need is a Twitter account and you are ready to reach 15M active users.

Advertisers can promote:

    • Twitter accounts to get more followers
    • Tweets to generate traffic and engagements (clicks, retweets, favorites, replies, follow…)

Obviously, if you are looking for Direct Response, Promoted Tweets are great

We have run some tests and we see a lot of potential for the travel industry. Below is our 3 step process to start collecting insights, traffic and hopefully, conversions.

Step 1: Targeting

As with Facebook Ads, one of the best way to target interest is to search for followers of relevant accounts (travel websites, competitors…) or with relevant interests:


These people might be looking for regular content and offers around travel, but you don’t know if they are actively looking for their next trip: they could have decided to follow the accounts a while ago.

Luckily, Twitter also provides good suggestions and a tool to search for accounts who have mentioned specific keywords.

So, a more precise way to reach active travel intentionists is to use to target users who have recently tweeted or engaged with a tweet containing specific keywords (destinations, countries, airports…):


The suggestion tool is also really helpful here, and there are a lot of synergies to create with your Paid Search existing campaigns.

On top of this, you can also be an opportunist and target people who are engaged or talking about a specific TV show:


Either for travel related shows, or for a more general one that you know will be promoting a specific destination.

In terms of location, you can only target people based in the UK and Ireland and you can only refine to some really broad areas.

Finally, you can specify gender and also target specific devices, handy if you want to promote an app for example:


Step 2: The Message

A basic link should like this:


This can be enhanced by using Twitter Cards on your website.

And if you want to go further, you could also use Lead Generation cards:



Step 3: Budget Allocation

While there is no minimum investment spend to launch this type of campaign, the more you spend, the more data you get, the more you learn. With the time spent on the setup of the campaign, it’s an investment that need to be leveraged

You need to set a maximum daily budget and you can select a pace for your spendings. We recommend trying to show the ads evenly throughout the day to collect data about the best hours for clicks and conversions.

For the same reason, we recommend to try at least seven days of testing to see the best days to interact with your audience, especially for travel where the customer journey can be quite long

Twitter will finally suggest you a bidding per engagement (retweet, reply, favorite, follow, or click anywhere on your ad).

Knowing this, we recommend limiting the number of possible clicks on your ad to the minimum; a (tracked) link to your website.

It is tempting to put a picture and a hashtag on your tweet, but clicks on them will cost you money, so keep this in mind.


There are questions you ask to your friends or followers before you ask your favourite Search Engine.

With more than 15M active users and a performance business model, Twitter is definitely ready to help advertisers reach their audience on a touchpoint they use on a daily basis.

Links with Paid Search are more obvious than with Facebook Ads, and with their retargeting functionality, Twitter can’t be considered just a Branding Channel anymore.

So, travel marketers, ready to give it a try?

Give us a call or ping us at http://twitter.com/netboosteruk

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