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Social Media Marketing

We are proud to help our clients interact daily with more than 1M fans. We also create more than 50 applications per year to qualify our fan bases. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Google+, StumbleUpon, or Flickr? 110 million bloggers, 250 million tweets every day, 68% of people regularly posting product and brand opinions online. Social media can be a valuable business resource if you play it right – but you have to know where to start.

At NetBooster we blend years of digital marketing experience with the latest social media thinking to craft you a strategy that gets results. Real analytical insight underpins what we do. We use key information to push the capabilities of social media platforms to their limits and help you engage your customers in a meaningful way that gets tangible results.

1.2 Billion Facebook users, 241M active Twitter Users, 300M on Google Plus, 277M LinkedIn members… The many opportunities available to you each day to reach a wider audiences. We can help you get more fans and followers and most of all, we can help you transform them into clients. Our exclusive Social Media ROI approach combines data from the Social Networks with our clients CRM to push great content to the audiences that are the most likely to engage and convert.

Social Media is not a pure acquisition channel. Just like Email Marketing its power is to help with loyalty and reactivation of customers. Thanks to our Social ROI products we are able to make Facebook Ads , Twitter Cards and Linked-In Ads comparable to Search or Display performance and  challenge the old myth of Social not being profitable. Social Media is a crucial part of how we interact, communicate and promote information to our fans and customers. Additionally Social Marketing offers a vast amount of data that is key to a successful data and CRM strategy.

 Talk to our Social Media Experts on how to tie in Social into your digital strategy now!

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