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Email Marketing

Using Emails to engage, reactivate and interact with your potential or existing customers is key to every digital strategy we have created and implemented in the last 15 years.

 Email Marketing is one of the most efficient and engaging digital channels if directed to the right audience at the right moment of the product engagement funnel. NetBooster believes that Email Marketing needs to be closely aligned to your CRM and data strategy to create as targeted messaging for as small audiences as possible.

Most of the digital acquisition channels, if not part of a retargeting strategy, are used to acquire users in the most efficient way possible. Email marketing is THE tool to reactivate customers, send those consistent individual promotions, messages and loyalty updates. Closed audiences for high performers, high interest customers and frequent returners are only the beginning. Email Marketing is a must have part of your digital strategy and it needs to be in the centre of all acquisition channels to make traffic acquisition and customer lifetime value more profitable. 

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