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  • Posted on 1 September 2016

Groupe SEB and NetBooster facilitate customer experience with Swaven

Following the successful festive campaign promoting the Centrale Vapeur Pro Express Control Plus product for its brand Calor, Groupe SEB, global leader in small electrical household appliances, is continuing its adventure with the digital marketing agency NetBooster and Swaven for its two brands Rowenta and Moulinex. As part of the “Audience Driven” campaign for the Silence Force MultiCyclonic vacuum cleaner by Rowenta, Groupe SEB and NetBooster have once again called upon the services of Swaven.

Swaven & the Groupe SEB Audience Driven campaign

As the latest Rowenta creation, the Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic vacuum cleaner is a unique combination of suction and unrivalled silence. To unveil its range of ultra-silent vacuum cleaners, Rowenta has decided to join forces with the latest film of the series “Ice Age: Collision Course”, which premiered in French cinemas on 13 July 2016.

The global multi-channel approach of Groupe SEB ended on 24 July 2016 (and included a digital campaign, catalogue stories, and in-store events). The “Audience Driven” digital campaign places users at the heart of the experience, which is why Groupe SEB and NetBooster made the strategic choice of integrating the Swaven “buy now” button into their digital campaigns (notably on pre-roll and display videos).

This button has been developed by Swaven and offers unique technology, which allows customers to be automatically geolocated at the time they see the advertisement. This innovative system allows potential customers to be informed of product availability on trading websites or with local traders. Consequently, web users are invited to go directly to retailer websites to make a purchase.

The customer experience up to making a purchase, is therefore much easier as it avoids having to visit the brand website, which does not directly sell the promoted products.

 Display - Swaven


Groupe SEB had two main objectives adopting the “buy now” button.

The first was to allow web users to see videos and banners so as to support the media plan and generate potential turnover. NetBooster’s Display & Programmatic used their expertise to optimise the ad influence throughout the digital campaign, in order to guarantee an efficient and personalised diffusion.

The second was to raise real commitment from web users, thanks to the video format. Moreover, integration of the call-to-action for Swaven’s “buy now” button in the video, allows shoppers to promptly buy the SFMC vacuum cleaner when watching the video.

The “Buy Now” solution is certified on the main DSP and Ad Exchanges on the market. NetBooster has therefore been able to distribute all of its multi-retailer campaigns across multiple networks and advertisers.



The Swaven technology integrated into the media campaigns coordinated by NetBooster (in partnership with Advideum), has created a high turnover by redirecting customers directly towards retailers. Moreover, the “buy now” button allows Swaven to obtain a high volume of data as to user behaviour and consequently to lead retargeting campaigns with increased effectiveness. Beyond this, Swaven provides agencies and advertisers with real-time statistics via a dashboard segmented per brand name, region, and product.

NetBooster experts have produced a detailed study into web user requirements and strategically optimised advertising influence, placed on web users in real-time by integrating data provided by Swaven with other data collected during the “Audience Driven” campaign, in order to achieve excellent results*. Emmanuel Arendarczyk, Managing Director of NetBooster France and UK explains this strategic choice: “We are delighted to support Groupe SEB in optimising its commitment and the purchasing experience of its digital campaigns. This technological partnership allows us to go one step further in delivering improved performance“.

In order to demonstrate the technological effectiveness of Swaven, NetBooster has compared the redirection rates to trade websites on banners using the “buy now” button, with those that do not. The results are undeniable:

  • Cost of redirection to a trade website: 6 times less

“Our platform coordinates the convergence of all advertising media with the act of purchase. Our long-term relations with Groupe SEB and NetBooster demonstrates both our unrivalled market performance and out technological pertinence”, concludes Laurent Quatrefages, CEO and joint founder of Swaven.

*View the full results of the SEB Group and NetBooster “Audience Driven” data marketing campaign: http://www.netbooster.com/seb-et-netbooster-innovent-doubleclick/

About Groupe SEB I www.groupeseb.com

As global leader in Small Domestic Appliances, Groupe SEB operates in close to 150 countries thanks to a unique portfolio of leading brands (Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups, Lagostina, All-Clad, Supor, etc.), sold via a multi-format distribution channel. With recorded sales of some 200 million products per year, it uses a long-term strategy based on innovation, international development, competitiveness, and customer service. Groupe SEB employs around 26,000 people across the world.


About Swaven I http://www.swaven.com/

Swaven is the leading brand for trade marks. Specialized in generating instant purchases and promotions, from every marketing channel towards retailers.
Today, Swaven works closely with advertisers. Cosmetics (L’Oréal, Shiseido…), FMCG (P&G, Danone, Henkel, JDE, Mondelez, …), Hi-Tech (Groupe Seb, Philips, Brother, …), Toys/Gaming (Tomy, Sony Entertainment) & Non Pharmaceutical Chemists’ (Sanofi, Weleda)


About NetBooster I www.netbooster.com

NetBooster, is an independent European interactive communication group and provides customers with the all-round expertise in digital marketing to guarantee the best level of performance for investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire online marketing chain through its European network: optimisation of search engines and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, RTB, creation, eCRM, and social networks, with recognised expertise in digital marketing of the future (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchanges, etc.). NetBooster is listed on the NYSE Alternext Paris stock exchange.


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