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  • Posted on 30 June 2016

Groupe SEB and NetBooster innovate thanks to Doubleclick solutions

Groupe SEB and NetBooster innovate thanks to Doubleclick solutions

…with an “Audience Driven” data marketing campaign for the Rowenta brand

In 2015, Groupe SEB and NetBooster launched their very first data centric digital campaign. The aim was to customise the consumer experience on various different digital channels used by Groupe SEB, so as to increase marketing resources.

Groupe SEB and NetBooster are innovating with a solution which places data, and consequently users, at the heart of their online multi-channel strategy. The campaign for the ‘Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic’ vacuum cleaner developed by Rowenta, is the first to benefit from this reflection.

The concept is very simple: to capitalise on DoubleClick advertising solutions in order to implement customised audience strategies. Integration between the various DoubleClick platforms (Search, Display, Adserving, DCO Studio) has, in particular, enabled Groupe SEB and NetBooster to better understand the behaviour and expectations of Internet users and to streamline activation strategies.

Schematically, the decision-making cycle of internet users can be structured into four stages, representing a part of the client experience.

Schéma de décision du consommateur


Optimising the start of the customer experience to maximise conversion rates

By using all of its expertise, NetBooster has consequently developed advertising messages at different key moments during the user decision-making process in line with their behaviour and history (namely the number of times a user has viewed or clicked on an advert for any of the activated levers, throughout the client experience). For NetBooster, the challenge of this campaign was to bring together data collected from close to 3 million identified profiles and all levers activated. NetBooster experts undertook real-time analysis to be able to quickly react and to optimise advertising pressure for users (the number of times and frequency at which the Internet user sees the advert for a product). For Sébastien LEBOUCHER, Strategy Director at NetBooster : “it was important for SEB Group to focus first and foremost on the interests of consumers. Thanks to the “Audience Driven” campaign, we have managed to go one step further by solely reaching those people interested in the product and intelligently managing the advertising pressure”. 




 Campaign results 

Groupe SEB and NetBooster compared the results of this campaign with the previous campaign for the ‘Rowenta Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic’ vacuum cleaner, managed in a much more conventional manner, namely without customisation for each unique user.

The “Audience Driven” campaign led by Groupe SEB and NetBooster presented significant advantages for consumers and for Groupe SEB. Adjustment of the advertising pressure on a case-by-case basis did indeed allow for greater respect of consumers by avoiding excessive repetition of advertising messages and by customisation of the client experience. For Groupe SEB, it generated quality traffic to (e-)retailers by facilitating conversion rates. Thanks to this new approach, NetBooster has maximised Groupe SEB’s media investments.

Three indicators demonstrate the clear effectiveness of the “Audience Driven” solution: 

  • Cost of website traffic: -33%
  • Time spent on the website: x2
  • Cost per lead (click on a retailer): -56%



We are certain that it is essential to place data at the centre of our communication strategies so as to boost the whole of our marketing value chain. The impressive results of this first data driven marketing campaign confirm this belief and we will progressively roll out this strategy to all of our subjects, markets and communication levers”, explained Guillaume PLANET, VP Media & Digital marketing global at Groupe SEB. By capitalising on the knowledge gained from data and programmable media planning tools notably, this first “Audience Driven” campaign allows us to coordinate our levers in total awareness. By placing users at the centre of its strategy, it has created coherence between all digital actions, and has certainly highlighted the importance of working with audiences from the very start of the client experience.

Groupe SEB and NetBooster may capitalise on this first experience by leaning on the many insights gained from this campaign. The digital marketing group and Groupe SEB will ensure maximum optimisation of their future campaigns by rolling out this methodology and its learnings across all Groupe products in France and abroad. The global reference in small-scale household electronic appliances and NetBooster may, eventually, integrate into this campaign offline signals which will allow for evaluation of impacts of digital communication on in-store sales. “Thanks to the learnings taken from this first “Audience Driven” campaign led by Groupe SEB, we may adjust our future campaigns and, eventually, more precisely appreciate the impact of digital channels on Groupe SEB’s networks of physical retailers”, concludes Guillaume BALLOY, Director of Paid Media at NetBooster


The outstanding results of the “Audience Driven” campaign led by Groupe SEB and NetBooster are studied in the framework of the EFFIE Trophies and have received the Marketing Data Silver Award for 2016.


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