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  • Posted on 29 April 2016

Performance Marketing Awards 2016

Performance Marketing Awards 2016

Category winner: “Best Paid Search Campaign”. 

“Fighting back at the OTA’s”, NetBooster for AccorHotels.

When it comes to attracting new customers, the hotel industry is among the most competitive there is. With over 3,700 hotels worldwide, 16 Brands operating in 92 countries, AccorHotels is one of the largest hotel groups globally. With rising competition and constant changes to user behaviour, ensuring levels of profitability are maintained & keeping a dynamic approach has proved to be a hard objective to meet. 

At NetBooster we have developed an innovative strategy by moving beyond a traditional search approach, based solely on search trends, to a truly consumer-centric strategy, taking both hotel availability and user intent, over price range, into our ad copy/bids optimisation approach. By steering our investment in the right directions – analysing ROI data for each auction dimension and adjusting bids accordingly – we managed to minimise the impact of mobile traffic and longer user journeys on conversion rates and thereby increase overall ROI.

NetBooster UK’s Director of Paid Media, Sergio Borzillo, commented: “The Performance Marketing Awards is among the most prestigious awards in the UK Digital Industry and it is with great pride that we receive this recognition. In an environment where all trends move to decrease profitability, AccorHotels was able to go significantly against this trend, a clear demonstration that a user-centric strategy is not just successful, but is the way to go. A truly outstanding feat.” 

Fabien Dini, E-commerce Manager at AccorHotels commented:Travel is one of the most competitive industries when it comes to Paid Search, especially in the UK. Receiving this award shows AccorHotels’ expertise in Web Distribution/Digital Marketing and demonstrates its ability to not only compete among pure players but also achieve outstanding results in this ever-changing environment. Hats off to NetBooster for their excellent work. They’re showing once again that they are truly PPC experts.” 



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Sergio Borzillo
Director of Paid Media, NetBooster UK


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