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  • Posted on 21 November 2014

One click curve to rule them all

NetBooster organic click through rate analysis

NetBooster are pleased to announce our CTR Whitepaper is now available to download. In our whitepaper you’ll find a click curve for the top 30 organic results as well as insights into the influence of brand bias, mobile search behaviour and long tail searches on CTR.

Our study uses one of the largest data sets and is entirely based on UK data. We’ve also gone into detail about our methodology and have created a CTR template in Excel which allows you to simply drop your own top search query data in and automatically create a click curve for your website.

Please follow the link below to download the whitepaper in full.

If you like our work and feel it’s useful we’d welcome your comments and appreciate a share, tweet or like.

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Posted by Gary MOYLE (Head of SEO, UK)