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  • Posted on 28 March 2013

NetBooster offers profitable Facebook campaigns

It is finally possible to use Facebook as a 100% ROI approach. NetBooster is the leader in digital marketing in Europe and launches its Facebook ROI which combines 15 years of experience in the performance and new functionality of the billion users social network.

With its new “Business and data driven” approach, NetBooster has appealed to retail customers where it overcomes social performance indicators (likes, fans, etc.) to drive business performance (sales, leads). These campaigns conducted on Facebook have generated up to 30% additional sales compared to other digital channels whilst always acknowledging the acquisition costs. Compare to traditional campaigns, the click through rates have increased 10 fold and the conversion rate by 3.

This exclusive offer, which has been developed through the technological and media know-how of the agency, using the latest Facebook innovations (Facebook Xchange, Custom Audiences, View Tag, etc.). Integrating it into the classic media mix (Search, AdExchange, Retargeting, Display). NetBooster’s Facebook ROI combines the most effective creatives and targeting tools in an advanced platform.

“This ground-breaking offer finally enables our clients to add even more performance to their digital campaigns via Facebook. Our technology makes sure that we only target audience that is most likely to convert” Says Raphael Zier NetBooster CEO.

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