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  • Posted on 7 April 2016

Introducing the Google Analytics 360 Suite

Now with a full enterprise stack of tools

Unifying ever growing amounts of data, from every sort of device and channel, is a challenge that various digital vendors have undertaken over the last years – achieving a relative degree of success. However, in reality, the data was very siloed.

The battle to win the grail quest of understanding every signal from potential and existing customers and to trigger a consistent response based on their on- and offline journey has never been as intense as it is now. The clear winners are the few integrated digital marketing suites with the tools and technologies to deliver on the needs of CMOs.

A long standing contender in the Analytics and data management space has been Google on the back of the global success of Google Analytics, but until now the offering has been fragmented with some important pieces missing. However, the issues previously experienced have now been solved with the launch of the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

This suite is made up of:

  • Analytics 360, aiming to ease data analysis from all touchpoints in one place, for a deeper understanding of customer experience. Previously known at GA Premium, the Analytics 360 is a full enterprise Analytics solution with integrated DMP features for audience targeting in the Google channels where 3rd party pixeling isn’t allowed.
  • Tag Manager 360, aiming to make tag management simpler, more reliable, and easier to implement to make decisions more swiftly. The stand-alone Tag Manager 360 now includes a full SLA and new advanced features not found in the free version.
  • Optimize 360 (beta), A combination of a AB&/MVT test tool and a content targeting engine Optimize 360 will benefit from the power of having the full GA dataset available for the calculated predictions.
  • Attribution 360, an enterprise Attribution tool with the ability to onboard e.g. TV and other “offline” data sources and provide advanced correlation studies and attribution modeling.
  • Audience Center 360 (beta), finally, after more than 2 years of development, the DMP from Google will come out of beta later this year. It’s built on the powerful Google Cloud backend and will integrate smoothly between the 360 data and other data sources for audience building across millions of users.
  • Data Studio 360 (beta), a huge disruption in the cross field between super easy to use drag-and-drop dash boarding and the power of having BigQuery on the Google Cloud Platform as the data backend, Data Studio 360 will change how we challenge data moving away from aggregated time series data to having the full raw data sets available for analysis – even when there are billions of rows of data – is extremely powerful.


When Google launched the Universal Analytics version of GA and introduced “Measurement Protocol”, it took a huge step towards being able to collect data from all digital touch points, which is a key need to answer the core question of “What is the real customer journey and why is it like this”. With the integration between GA and Adwords the full granularity of the paid campaigns became available for analysis in GA, and in Premium (now Analytics 360) the integration with DoubleClick made it possible to track and cookie across almost all digital events for an even stronger understanding of the journey.

But in the years following it’s become more and more clear that the strict schema applied to the data collected and the user interface for presentation of the data was a limiting factor on how the data can be used. Even the way the raw data is processed into the metrics and dimensions we use in our analysis have become a limiting factor on the full scope of the needed analysis.

The missing pieces have now been addressed with the announcement of the Analytics 360 suite of enterprise tools. NetBooster believes that the Google Analytics 360 suite in combination with DoubleClick advertising technologies, Googles own channels and the Google Cloud Backend is the strongest Performance Marketing Suite in the market today.

Having led data driven and analytics projects for over 10 years for international customers such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, Adidas Group, AccorHotels, Estée Lauder, BNP Paribas and hundreds more, NetBooster has a cutting-edge and an extensive understanding of this fast evolving world where one-to-one marketing models at scale can be achieved.

Reach out to us to book a session discussing how your business is disrupted by the availability of raw real time data and responsive performance marketing, and we’ll be happy to share our vision, methodology and analysis of your opportunities.

For a more detailed understanding of Google Analytics 360 Suite, read our article on ‘How Google Analytics 360 Changes Marketing‘. 



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