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  • Posted on 1 September 2016

Here’s what you missed: Summer 2016 Round-Up

NetBooster Q1 2016

Summer break is a great way to relax and recoup before tackling the rest of the year, but this summer you could’ve missed many new releases, trends and updates while out on your adventures (unless of course you’re a Connected Traveller).

To give you a wrap up on what you’ve missed, we’ve put together the following list of important takeaways as well as exciting NetBooster news you may have missed.

Augmented Reality Goes Mainstream

  • With the release of Pokémon Go, millions of users around the world have joined in on the world of Augmented Reality. “With almost two-thirds of Pokémon Go players in the 18 to 24 ‘millennial’ market, brands should embrace the opportunity this presents to target a market that typically tends to reject direct advertising.” – Jens Nielsen comments on why it’s a game changer for Augmented Reality and marketers. Read the article here.
  • The new website and app, Google Arts & Culture, allows users to take advantage of virtual reality technology by providing a means of immersing oneself into the world of Art and Culture. “Take a virtual tour of the street art scene in Rome; step inside a creation by famous street artist, Insa; or even travel 2,500 years back in time and look around the ancient Greek temple of Zeus. Read more about this new initiative from Google.

An Exciting Summer for Facebook

This summer, Facebook announced many new features, projects and updates. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Messenger Reaches 1 Billion Users

Congratulations to Messenger for hitting the 1 billion mark! 1 billion messages between people and businesses each month, 254 GIF’s sent per second, 17 billion photos a month and 10 percent of all VoIP calls go through Messenger. Some very inspiring statistics that are likely getting brains thinking about how to get in on the engagement through Bots and other innovative ideas! Read more about their accomplishment.

  • Facebook Implements a Click Bait Algorithm

To eliminate click bait on Facebook, this algorithm is allowing better stories to appear more prominently in newsfeeds, while punishing all those stories trying to grab your attention through headlines such as, “You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened When He Opened The Box”. Read Facebook’s full announcement.

  • Facebook Releases new metrics for Video including Live and 360

With 250,000 360 Videos published to Facebook, it’s about time to give publishers the tools necessary to improve, their videos. Therein comes a new announcement from Facebook which allows publishers to provide a ‘Guided Tour’ version of their videos as well as provide Heat Maps to better understand where viewers are spending the most time in the video. Read Facebook’s full announcement.

  • Video Ads to Appear in Facebook Live

Despite Zuckerberg’s resistance to ads before videos, Facebook is testing mid-stream ads for Live videos. Ads will appear 5 minutes into a broadcast and can last up to 15 seconds. However publishers have the choice to turn this feature off, when content is of a more sensitive nature. We look forward to seeing how Facebook rolls this out to the public and how well ads are performing in Live videos. Read more about this new feature.

  • Instagram Releases Stories

The new feature ‘“Stories” gives users the ability to share more content without over-posting and without the need for it to be perfectly filtered and framed, in fact many users have seen this as an opportunity to post more behind-the-scenes content that is quick and not necessarily planned. By sending short videos or images that appear as a circle in the top section as to separate it from the crowded newsfeed. Read more about this new feature.

  • Facebook begins testing LifeStages

An app aimed at blockout on adults, has begun testing at select schools and universities across the US, with the goal to create a space for teens to share content with others at their school while creating a video profile that shows what they like and dislike. Although those over 22-years-old can download the app, they will only be able to view their own profile. Read more about this new app.   

Summary: NetBooster Summer News

NetBooster’s Affiliate Marketing Week was held from the 4th-8th July 2016, where we dove into the future of this channel, common mistakes and more. See the collection of Affiliate Week articles and infographics.

NetBooster wins Best Paid Search / Media Campaign category at European Performance Marketing Awards

NetBooster have developed an innovative strategy by moving beyond a traditional search approach to a truly consumer-centric strategy, taking both hotel availability and user intent, over price range, into their ad copy/bids optimisation approach. By steering the investment in the right directions, NetBooster managed to minimise the impact of mobile traffic and longer user journeys on convers    ion rates and thereby increase overall ROI. See the full announcement.

Top 5 Tips for Optimising Search for Mobile

Given that nowadays, more consumers are researching their purchase decision on mobile & tablet, rather than from desktop (many retailers already report that up to 70%-80% of website browsing occurs through customers using mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets*), it has become more crucial than ever to ensure your entire digital presence is visible to mobile users. See the infographic.

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