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  • Posted on 11 November 2013

Facebook now offers Custom Audiences in any ad interface

by Thomas Koutroukis

Custom Audiences allows advertisers to find their offline audience on Facebook by importing their contact lists. Facebook uses phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs to help advertisers find the right target audience. This action prompts Facebook to make the match and display ads only to those specific individuals. In this way it is simpler than ever for online marketers to find their current customers on Facebook and transform these customers into fans. But they could also reach more potential customers with a highly targeted approach.

Facebook announced recently that the Custom Audiences feature will be available to all digital advertisers globally by the end of November. With Custom Audiences marketers can turn first- time customers into repeat customers by using their contact information to target them with customised ads. Moreover, under a similar logic marketers can also use Custom Audiences to exclude current customers if their main objective is to acquire new leads.


Uploading an e-mail list of contacts is all that’s needed to get started with Facebook Custom Audiences. After this, these users can then be targeted with ads for a Facebook page, a mobile application, a website etc. Some interesting applications could include targeting writers and bloggers of a specific niche or industry or targeting selected companies and organisations.

The Custom Audiences feature has already been released to a limited number of advertisers in the US but as mentioned above every user worldwide will have access by the end of November.


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