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  • Posted on 1 July 2014

Are you using Data properly?

In an environment where digital is providing an increasing amount of data and where data inflation is a trendy topic, client knowledge is still not at the levels it should be. Growing investments on digital channels and the accrual of data, obliges businesses to review their strategy.

Finding new ways to measure digital performance hence becomes essential.

Within that shift, NetBooster is strengthening its skills related to data and launches an independent international business unit, ‘DnA by NetBooster’ offering a new view on data.

DnA by NetBooster’s answer is to centralize all data – site-centric, ad-centric, product-centric, customer-centric and offline – deduplicated and synchronised – within one single tool, in order to modelise them.

This centralisation allows taking a macro approach on all user behaviour as well as on the interactions between the levers and the content. For example, the correlation between the multi-channel path and the usage of the content allows determining at what moment in time a visitor should be retargeted when he’s not able to finish its conversion process.

A new multi-channel targeting

In fact, knowing that a same prospect will go through different levers before converting will allow us to properly segment the levers and to define their optimal position within the multi-channel conversion path. 

This classification is aiming at optimising campaign costs and at improving their ROI, while triggering levers only when their contribution to conversion is the highest possible. 

Learn more about DnA

DnA is positioned straight away as a leader in Data Analytics at European level. The appointed experts are spread over 6 countries and are also getting support from the technical and media teams at NetBooster.

DnA by NetBooster is at the crossing point of several expertise:

      • Multi-channel project management
      • Data-related media  strategy
      • Tools and data management architecture
      • Adhoc developments of data-dedicated tools (data visualisation, dynamic connected interface, personalisation, connections to APIs…)
      • Research in modelling and prediction

“I am always surprised when I see who little data is used to manage online media investment. Can you evaluate the real impact each of your different campaigns has on your revenue? How are these campaigns interacting with each other? I think these are crucial questions.”, comments Kristoffer Ewald, DnA by NetBooster Director.

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