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Office Depot

Office Depot offers the largest selection of office products in the world; they are leaders in providing their customers with solutions that allow their business to run smoother. 

metapeople, part of NetBooster Group has been successfully working  with Office Deport on their digital marketing strategy since 2012.


  • Office Depots’ main goal was to gain new customers and to increase online sales across their 10 key regions internationally, includng Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Italy and Spain 
  • Additional goals included the reduction of the costs-per-order as well as the improved use of landing page


  • The first step of the solution was for the metapeople team to optimise Office Depot’s keywords, ad copy and landing pages
  • Account re-structuring was carried out in the ad group as well as at campaign level
  • The ad groups were made as specific as possible and a variety of new and beta Google features were used to create efficiencies
  • Fully transparent, real-time tracking was implemented across all markets and channels



Bounce Rate

Optimisation efforts resulted in 31% decrease in bounce rate



Efficient scaling of the campaigns led to an impressive increase in conversions



CPO was halved from Q2 to Q3

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