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METRO GROUP is a leading international retail and wholesale company, with 269,000 worldwide employees in 180 countries. Their business focuses on self-service wholesale trade, consumer electronics stores, hypermarkets, department stores and online trade.All four sales brands of METRO GROUP are market leaders in their respective segment. 

METRO GROUP’s largest brand METRO Cash&Carry is a leading international player in the self-service wholesale trade, operating in 29 countries worldwide. metapeople has been working as lead agency, in full service for METRO Cash&Carry since 2011.



  • METRO Cash&Carry aimed to establish digital marketing activities in its 29 markets – including Germany Italy, Spain, China and Turkey.
  • METRO Cash&Carry searched for an agency network with comprehensive experience in the fields of SEA/PPC, SEO, Media and Mobile Marketing. The main criteria was for an agency with the capacity to coherently manage a large number of complex Performance Marketing measures across different local markets.
  • To strengthen its brand and to increase sales in international markets, METRO Cash&Carry needed to strengthen their Performance Marketing as well as their content visibility activities. Therefore they wanted a strong partner with a leveraging network.


  • metapeople supports 23 countries with implementation of corporate concepts and further actively executes campaigns and projects with local METRO specialists and partner agencies in 13 countries.
  • We consulted METRO Cash&Carry on Performance Marketing measures and created coaching webinars. We further initiate pilot projects in the areas of SEA and SEO covering all target markets.
  • We established partnerships with our local partner agencies. Consequently, METRO Cash&Carry benefits from knowledge about different local markets and developed best practices.
  • We implemented fully transparent and real time tracking across all markets and channels.



more traffic

The launch and optimisation of PPC-campaigns significantly increased the number of MCC website visitors


unique visitors

New SEO content more than tripled the total number of unique visitors on the optimized parts of the websites


higher basket

Special ROPO-activities such as the usage of coupons online have proven to generate sales in stores


I appreciate the collaboration with metapeople being our partner since three years. metapeople distinguished themselves with the expressly high eagerness to contribute to METRO Cash&Carry business objectives and results by providing professional service on both strategic and operational levels.

Marina Sverdel
Head of Multichannel Marketing
METRO Cash&Carry

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