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Some might say there are magic recipes to producing viral videos and creating a buzz online. 

We prefer to rely on smart use of data to write good stories that resonate and engage our audience in the long term.

This is exactly what we have done for ibis Hotels in the UK.


  • ibis hotels rebranded in 2012, but still had a comparative lack of brand awareness in the UK
  • To increase brand awareness, a concept was developed for an online video: ibis Snuggling Bunnies

The job for NetBooster was then to make this video go viral by not only by reaching a broader audience, but also by increasing engagement on a long-term basis.


  • Firstly, we gave more depth to the video campaign resulting in 13 various viral stories across 6 weeks
  • Then, we created a simple ecosystem on Facebook & YouTube, using YouTube annotations and a Facebook app to connect all the touch points
  • Finally, we promoted the campaign using data clusters, mixing interests and age groups (isolating teenagers), and starting with the friends of ibis hotels fans
  • Each week, we analysed the clusters’ results : if one went viral, then we reduced budget and allocated it to another cluster, and so on



Cost Per Engagement

Campaign optimisation delivered incredible results



Engaging ad copy and good timing were key


Organic video

By using YouTube annotations


NetBooster’s professional and transparent approach as well as creativity through combining content and media strategies led to good campaign optimisation. Their focus on our brand objectives in addition to the standard fanbase engagement exceeded our planned targets resulting in a very successful social media campaign, leveraging our YouTube efforts thus maximising our budget.

Karelle Lamouche, VP Marketing ibis Brands Northern –
VP Marketing Multibrand Services Accor UK & Ireland

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