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  • Posted on 27 August 2014

A Macro Guide to Google Tag Manager

A Macro Guide to Google Tag Manager

You might be vaguely familiar with macros if you’ve ever used a computer. Basically, whenever you perform a complicated task with a simple gesture, or reuse complex code with a simple input mechanism, you’re using macros. Think keyboard shortcuts.

In Google Tag Manager, this is the essence of macros. You can do away with a lot of complexity by resorting to macros, especially if you ever find that you need the same piece of code or the same operation over and over again.

This guide will first take a cursory look at what macros really are, before going through the (current) list of available macros. I’ll add short examples and use cases for each, but there’s a whole lot more to be found online.

Click the banner below to view or download this Macro Guide. Written by Simo Ahava, our Production Director in NetBooster Finland. 


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Posted by Simo Ahava (Production Director & SEO Manager)