NetBooster announce overachievement of results in second quarter

NetBooster (FR0000079683 – ALNBT – PEA-PME eligible), an independent European agency and leader in digital performance marketing, today announces its results for the second quarter of 2014.

The strong result in the second quarter shows how NetBooster has raised the bar in terms of its performance level. This impressive turnaround in profitability is due to the streamlining of the Company as well as landmark client wins. Restructuring efforts were also applied to the client portfolio by reducing the number of clients and removing the less profitable ones, which resulted in gross margin losses.

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Inbound Marketing and tourism: the valorisation of destinations through content to boost e-commerce

Internet users need to compare, evaluate, be thrilled, confront opinions and explore all aspects of a destination before considering it: all studies on digital usage prove it; the consultation of information sources is multiplying.

Following to that permanent user benchmark, we have developed an offer dedicated to tourism operators, no matter their size, that will allow them to spread some rich and varied content, increasing the value of their touristic offering.

Developing rich and varied content is the very foundation of inbound marketing, aiming at naturally attracting potential clients, seducing them so that your offer becomes their preference, convincing them to become clients first and later unconditional ambassadors of your brand.

Developing rich and diverse content also means gaining in relevance and visibility and offering internet users a real “narrative and social” experience around the touristic offer. That approach also allows increasing visibility, as it injects genuine content right at the heart of search engines, while flawlessly complying with new rules set by web giants such as Google and Facebook.

The success of a content strategy relies on the usage of key inbound marketing skills:

1. Study and control the web environment

2. Secure an excellent technical SEO foundation

3. Produce stimulating and relevant content

4. Put that content live on efficient interfaces

5. Spread your stories and make them stand out

6. Analyse in real time and optimise

The ability to properly handle these steps leads to a successful inbound marketing strategy and brings multiple benefits:

1) Creation of a brand preference

The goal is to comfort your prospective clients, to feed them with rich information and to provide brilliant and eloquent answers in a trans-media and multi-device environment.

The keys of success:

  • Telling inspiring stories
  • Lean on real life experiences
  • Convince using visual content
  • Provide native multi-screen support (Responsive Design)

To be taken into account:

  • Mobile to Store
  • Web to Store
  • Multichannel strategy

2) Improve SEO and reach

Produce some quality content to ensure it gets thoroughly fetched by search engines and shared on social networks.

The keys of success:

  • Shine on social networks
  • Seduce opinion makers and get links from them
  • Optimise a semantic field and get positions on the long tail

To be taken into account:

  • Hummingbirds: the semantic web is a reality
  • Semantic fields // thematic Cocoon
  • Zebra and Google+: Taking into account the social impact of a brand
  • The traffic generated from Facebook

3) Increase conversion rate and loyalty

Stick to the logics of Lean Marketing and AB testing. Collect data in real time, do the required adjustments in order to increase conversion rate.

The keys of success:

  • An ability to react in real time on the website
  • A sensitivity to user experience
  • An accurate configuration of the analytics tools

To be taken into account:

  • Landing Page: a lenient alchemy (product + content + UX)
  • From content to product // from product to content
  • Conversion tunnel by email

Inbound marketing strategies can be rolled out on all industries, beyond tourism. Inbound marketing is a bit like returning to fundamental values of communication. Beyond advertisement and direct marketing – for which it is complementary – it concentrates on a genuine message, which shines over digital media, leading to an increased visibility.

CRM Marketing is Everywhere and Everything…

This article serves to state that CRM is everything!

What brand does not set themselves the main goal of creating and strengthening relationships with their customers? The answer is simple. No one. The understanding of how important it is to not only push quick sales through to customers, but to also build a genuine, loyal and continuing relationship with them, has reached the majority of modern brands today.

CRM means Customer Relationship Management working with strategy, analysis, creativity and the backbone: technology. Customers engage with a brand through carefully planned communication – not quick one-liners – the primary goals include capturing the customer’s attention, maintaining their interest, and making them feel safe with the brand. When loyalty is created through personalized dialogue, customers automatically seek help, and guidance from the brand; this securely established relationship is what drives more sales.

CRM drives actions through engaging communication and relationship-building marketing. Everything is collected in one place, allowing for analysis of all relevant data accumulated to enhance future strategic planning.

CRM has become one of the most efficient marketing approaches in 2014; all brands are heading in that direction.

Google Analytics Premium Certification

NetBooster is one of four French agencies to be certified ‘Premium Reseller’ by Google.

This certification, which goes in line with the “Google Analytics Certified Partner” partnership between Google and NetBooster, now gives us the privilege to sell and implement the Google Analytics Premium tool on our client’s websites.

To ensure the level of service delivered by certified agencies, Google has implemented strict procedures for ongoing controls: quarterly business reviews, presentation of case studies and measurement of the impact on business…

This new offering allows NetBooster to position itself more than ever as the agency of performance marketing and customer knowledge.

NetBooster is currently the largest agency to have been granted this certification and it is the only certified one to offer its customers a comprehensive European presence through its local offices.

Adwords: a real time Yield Management tool

In order to meet this need, NetBooster has developed an advanced AdWords script, to complement the bidding tools, which connects to the feeds of aircraft occupancy and modifies the ad prices and the dates on the fly.

This allows Emirates to react in real time and in a qualified way to user demand on search engines, by creating flexible and dynamic customised ads, using the levers of price and passenger occupancy.

PSA brands (Peugeot, Citroen and DS) have chosen NetBooster

PSA brands (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) have chosen NetBooster to implement their Universal Analytics Premium on their websites

DnA by NetBooster, the newly launched international department at NetBooster, specialising in Data & Analytics has been selected by PSA Peugeot Citroën, a French multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycle to build and implement its new strategy. This includes measuring PSA’s group and subsidiaries digital performance via the use of Google’s Universal Analytics Premium.

A unique team of experts in Analytics and Data scientists at NetBooster is working on this large scale project, which consists of more than 1500 websites for brands such as Peugeot, Citroën and DS worldwide.

 “Having just recently announced the establishment of our new Data and Analytics team (DnA Department), I’m very excited to welcome the PSA Group as a worldwide new client in our Data offering. Automotive is a very exciting industry for NetBooster and Data services help us building our track record.  With exciting clients such as PSA, Scout24, Argos and Promovacances, NetBooster is at the forefront of the Data & Analytics Industry in Europe.” said Tim Ringel, CEO of NetBooster

Are you using Data properly?

In an environment where digital is providing an increasing amount of data and where data inflation is a trendy topic, client knowledge is still not at the levels it should be. Growing investments on digital channels and the accrual of data, obliges businesses to review their strategy.

Finding new ways to measure digital performance hence becomes essential.

Within that shift, NetBooster is strengthening its skills related to data and launches an independent international business unit, ‘DnA by NetBooster’ offering a new view on data.

DnA by NetBooster’s answer is to centralize all data – site-centric, ad-centric, product-centric, customer-centric and offline – deduplicated and synchronised – within one single tool, in order to modelise them.

This centralisation allows taking a macro approach on all user behaviour as well as on the interactions between the levers and the content. For example, the correlation between the multi-channel path and the usage of the content allows determining at what moment in time a visitor should be retargeted when he’s not able to finish its conversion process.

A new multi-channel targeting

In fact, knowing that a same prospect will go through different levers before converting will allow us to properly segment the levers and to define their optimal position within the multi-channel conversion path. 

This classification is aiming at optimising campaign costs and at improving their ROI, while triggering levers only when their contribution to conversion is the highest possible. 

Learn more about DnA

DnA is positioned straight away as a leader in Data Analytics at European level. The appointed experts are spread over 6 countries and are also getting support from the technical and media teams at NetBooster.

DnA by NetBooster is at the crossing point of several expertise:

      • Multi-channel project management
      • Data-related media  strategy
      • Tools and data management architecture
      • Adhoc developments of data-dedicated tools (data visualisation, dynamic connected interface, personalisation, connections to APIs…)
      • Research in modelling and prediction

“I am always surprised when I see who little data is used to manage online media investment. Can you evaluate the real impact each of your different campaigns has on your revenue? How are these campaigns interacting with each other? I think these are crucial questions.”, comments Kristoffer Ewald, DnA by NetBooster Director.